What is Toki Pona?

toki pona li seme?

toki pona li toki lili. ona li jo e nimi pi nanpa lili. ona li lili kin, taso sina ken toki e mute kepeken toki pona. jan Sonja li pali e ona. kepeken toki pona la ona li wile pona e toki ona, e pilin ona.

Toki Pona is a small language with about 120 words by Sonja Lang. You can use it for talking about lots of things. Her goal in designing the language was to develope a way of talking that would simplify her thoughts.

pilin mi li ni tawa ona: jan li ken kama toki lon toki pona kepeken pali lili, lon tenpo lili. tenpo mute la sina ken toki pona lon toki pona tawa jan ante, sina ken pana e sona anu musi anu pilin tawa jan ante kepeken toki pona.

In my experience Toki Pona is a reasonably easy-to-learn language (you can roughly learn all the words in a weekend) that in the right setting creates a lot of room for expression/amusement, while facilitating communication pretty well!

toki pona la kalama musi mute en sitelen musi mute li lon. sina ken toki kepeken toki pona lon tomo sina, sina ken sitelen e toki musi kepeken ona. mute li ken!

People use it to sing and rap, to make memes, games, for fancy calligraphy (because it has few words, it’s easy enough to learn its two official hieroglyphic systems), as a domestic language, for writing poetry. Lots of things!

mi kama sona e toki pona kepeken seme?

mi kute e sina!

mi pilin e ni: lipu pi jan Sonja li pona suli kin. o kama sona tan lipu ni. taso, sina ken ala anu wile ala, la o kama sona e toki pona tan lipu pi jan Pije.

The best place to learn the language is from the Original Toki Pona Book. Failing that, the best (imo) place to learn it from is jan Pije’s course “o kama sona e toki pona”.

kulupu mute pi toki pona li lon. ona li lon ma sona, li lon ma lon.

  • kulupu pi lipu Pasepu li suli kin!
  • kulupu pi ilo Tiko li pona suli. jan pi kulupu ni li pana e sona mute tawa mi, li pona mute e toki pona mi.
  • tomo toki pi ilo Telekan li pona tawa sitelen pi toki pona.
  • kulupu tu li lon ma Wesi. kulupu /r/tokipona li pona. kulupu /r/mi_lon tu li musi a!

There are many Toki Pona communities, online and in the real world.

  • The biggest is on Facebook.
  • The friendliest/most active community is the ma pona pi toki pona server on Discord (also a good place to practice voice chat if you don’t have opportunities in real life!) - I learned (and continue to learn) a lot from the people there.
  • The telegram communities might be the best place for practice of written toki pona. People there also tend to be friendly!
  • There are also two active toki pona subreddits, /r/tokipona which is quite lively, and /r/mi_lon which is a really very decent meme subreddit.

sina lukin toki lon toki pona, la mi toki e ni: toki pona o musi e jan ni!

-jan Inkepa

If you decide to give learning Toki Pona a try, I hope you have fun!