sitelen nimi

sitelen pona li pona tawa mi. lon ma sona la kulupu mute li lon. jan mute li wile jo e sitelen pi nimi ona lon toki pona. pali ni li pona tawa mi, li musi tawa mi.

I really like Sitelen Pona, one of the two official hieroglyphics systems for toki pona. I’ve taken to making avatar name badges for people on internet forums and the like - it’s a fun and nice thing to do for people. :-)

sitelen pi sike nimi mute!

sina wile kama jo e ni, la o sitelen tawa mi e ni: nimi sina pi toki pona (kepeken sitelen Lasina anu sitelen pona). sina wile e ni, la sina ken toki e kule :-)

pona tawa sina!

If you want one, just drop me an email, along with the name you want a badge of (ether in Latin characters or in Sitelen Pona). And if you want you can specify a colour too :-)

Have a lovey day!