jan Salan's Lunisolar Calandar for Toki Pona

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The characters in the graphic are Sitelen Sitelen, the SVG characters I used are by sumpygump.

This is an implementation of a lunisolar calendar system by jan Salan. You can find out more about it on their reddit post here. By reading the page, as well as discussing things with them I (some things in the post were unclear to me, and jan Salan made some minor changes after writing their original post), I came to the following specs.


  • A day starts at sunrise. For ease of coding, I'm fixing this at 06:00.
  • The calendar year starts with Year 0 (sike nanpa 1) at March 25th, 2001, the first new Moon after the Spring Equinox of 2001, the year Toki Pona came into the world. The exact date that a year starts at varies from year to year, as it's lunar-aligned.
    year #year startyear #year startyear #year startyear #year start
    02001-03-25 82009-03-22 16 2017-03-1924 2025-03-16
    12002-03-14 92010-03-11 17 2018-03-0825 2026-03-05
    22003-04-01 10 2011-03-2918 2019-03-2626 2027-03-23
    32004-03-20 11 2012-03-1719 2020-03-1427 2028-03-11
    42005-03-09 12 2013-03-0620 2021-03-0328 2029-02-28
    52006-03-27 13 2014-03-2421 2022-03-2129 2030-03-18
    62007-03-16 14 2015-03-1322 2023-03-10302031-03-07
    72008-04-02 15 2016-03-3023 2024-03-27312032-03-24
  • Each year is divided into 12 months. To stop things in sync with the seasons, every so often there is an extra, 13th season in the year, a mun namako (extra year). The pattern cycles every eight years - here's what it looked like in the first eight years:
    2002 mun namako
    2005 mun namako
    2007 mun namako
  • It's possible over larger periods of time (centuries), further adjustments, extra mun namako might be required. That's not taken into account into the current iteration of the system.
  • The first month of the year has 29 days, the second has 30, and they alternate in length like this.
  • A month is divded into four parts corresponding to the phases of the moon:
    • mun len : New Moon
    • mun kipisi open : First Quarter
    • mun suno/suli : Full Moon
    • mun kipisi pini : Third Quarter
    The first three parts are 8 days each, the last part is either five or six days, alternating throughout the year.
  • The year is divided into four seasons of three months.
    • tenpo kasi
    • tenpo seli
    • tenpo pan
    • tenpo lete
    If there is a mun namako, it's not regarded as being part of any season.



If you notice any errors or have any recommendations/feedback, let me know at jan.Inkepa@gmail.com.

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